Monday, September 17, 2012

Shakey's Philippines: Delivery Deals


Shakey's Philippines are having a delivery only promo called "Delivery Deals".
Shakey's is a pizza chain in the Philippines as well as the world. This September 2012, Shakey's Philippines has introduced Delivery deals promo that will give you discounts on set meals or deals.


- Shakey's Delivery Deals, 3 Kinds of Deals
-Phone Number: 77-7777
Great Deal
- Prima Lasagna Platter
- Large Thin Crust Classic Italian Sausage
- 5pc Buddy Pack Chicken n Mojos
- 1 1.5L coke
-Price: P1,195

Grand Slammin' Deal
- 18 inch Grand Slam Pizza with 4 flavors
- 7 pc. Chicken, Mojos Supreme
- 2 1.5L Coke
-Price: P1,600

Monster Meal Deal
- 2 Large Thin Crust Manager's Choise and Pepperoni
- 2 Platters of Classic Spaghetti & Carbonara Supreme
- 12 pc. Party Park Chicken n Mojos
- 3 1.5L Coke
-Price: P2,025


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